TradingBit Investment Limited company is officially registered in USA. We are an investment company with a good number of trained Stock Market brokers, with the passion to strive hard in generating Wealth through Real Estate, Bitcoin Mining, Agriculture, Livestock Products, Trading, Stocks and Bonds. We provide Investment services across many countries. We received deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT from our customers in course of investment and payments.

Our Investment Plans

Trading Bit Investment Limited is an officially registered company operating within the frame work of international financial legislation, which ensures the protection of our users from the legal and financial aspect. Providing digital asset investment management services to individuals. We have 6 great investment packages to suit your financial freedom

Basic Plan


Min: $500
Max: $5000
Instant Payment
ROI after 10 hours

Standard Plan


Min: $5000
Max: $10000
Instant Payment
ROI after 24 hours

Superb Plan


Min: $10000
Max: $20000
Instant Payment
ROI after 2 Day/s

Golden Plan


Min: $20000
Max: $50000
Instant Payment
ROI after 3 Day/s

Ultimate Plan


Min: $50000
Max: $100000
Instant Payment
ROI after 5 Day/s

Ultimate Plan


Min: $100000
Max: $1000000
Instant Payment
ROI after 15 Day/s

Key Features and Benefit of Trading Bit Investment Limited

Our goals is to provide investors with a reliable source of Tradingbit Investment, minimizing any possible risk and offering a high- quality and secured services:

Professional connectivity

Partnering with Market Synergy, corporate accounts and professional traders can take advantage of the fastest trading speeds through institutional-grade connectivity and co-location services with direct access to our digital asset gateway.

Corporate account and professional trading

Trading Bit Investment Limited Company has a bespoke offering expertly tailored to meet the specific needs of professional and institutional traders including sub-accounts, expedited verification, and dedicated customer support.

Personal data must be isolated

We isolate all personal users data offline to ensure the safety of our customers data and to enhance security.


We understand how important having a reliable support service is to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


Our Organization is legal & registered in USA. we are providing investment services to the countries all around the world.


Our Organization is a team of professional traders in forex and cryptocurrency trading who knows how to grab the profit end of the day.

Referral/Affiliate program

Invite your friends and family to our investment services to earn extra profitable bonus by advertising.. we offer referral program with 15% commission depending on your performance.

Our Services

We are the largest owner of commercial real estate globally, owning and operating assets across every major geography and sector, including logistics, housing, life science office, content creation, and hospitality.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain enables transparent, tamper-proof, and secure transactions. It can potentially transform the way people perform online transactions, making them more secure.

Augmented Security and Privacy:

Decentralization paves the way for enhanced security as there is no single point of attack. In addition, users are empowered to choose who can access their data and how.


One of the crucial aspects of Web 3.0 is decentralization. It is a distributed network that eliminates the involvement of any centralized authority controlling the internet. Users are responsible for their data and content.

What makes Trading Bit Investment Limited Services the Best

Right people at the right place to deliver the right solutions.

Technical Prowess
Expert Team
Rapid Development
Complete Support
Meaningful Outcomes on Investment

How TradingBit Investments Limited works

We follow a coherent roadmap to seamlessly drive your investment process to give profitable returns to our investor. Just start by.


Create an account.


Deposit funds


Choose a plan


Get profit

Our Team

Right people at the righ tplace to deliver the right solutions.

Trading Bit
Jennifer Moore
Project Director
Joseph Woods
Investment Director SVP
Stephen Huen
Investment Analyst


Customer Support Service
Office Space

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